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In this list you will find a selection of solicitors in Caen. With just one click you easily access a detailed profile of the solicitor of your choice.


Jean-Paul Ekeu

Maître Ekeu J.Paul (case 12), 6 rue des Carmélites, 14000 Caen

Anne Jacquet

Me Jacquet Anne (case 38), 55 avenue Henry chéron, 14000 Caen

Christèle Le Gall

Scp Le Gall (case 40), 39 rue Ecuyère, 14000 Caen

Brigitte Mansuy

Selafa C.f.d.n., 1 rue du Mesnil, 14000 Caen

Carine Foucault

Me Foucault Carine (case 44), 49 rue Ecuyère, 14000 Caen

Caroline Dazel

Me Dazel Caroline (case 76), 80 bd Dunois, 14000 Caen

Arnaud Debuys

Me Debuys Arnaud (case 03), 19 avenue de l'hippodrome, 14000 Caen

Coralie Loygue

Selalrl Durand-Loygue-Mari (case 94), 11 Place St Martin, 14000 Caen

Franck Pichot

Maître Franck Pichot (case 90), 8 rue aux Fromages, 14000 Caen

Florence Touchard

Selarl Marc - Touchard, 17 rue Le Verrier, 14000 Caen